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All the effects in this video were applied live. No post-processing involved.


Aside from framing your camera better, the best thing you can add to your setup is some lighting. It doesn't have to be fancy - anything helps.

Video & Audio

The best thing you can do to improve your vide is to get a purpose-built external webcam. If you've got a relatively new DSLR, that can be a good option too.

  • The C930E is a great entry-level webcam from Logitech.

  • The Brio Ultra HD (also from Logitech) is about as good as it gets.

  • If you've got a DSLR with clean HDMI out, the Elgato Camlink can help you capture that signal.

  • Canon and Fuji have also released drivers to use your DSLR has a webcam with just a USB cable. You'll need an appropriate dummy battery.

  • If you're on a Mac and have an iPhone or iPad, you can also use Camo.

  • The Rode NT-USB Mini is a great USB microphone that doesn't require any extra hardware like an audio interface.

  • If you do get a nicer mic, the Blue Compass Boom Arm is both functional and beautiful in its simplicity.


Because of all the remote work that's happening now, this has suddenly become a really exciting space. Here are a few tools to keep an eye on.

  • mmhmm - The new kid on the block, tries to make the best features from OBS more accessible.

  • OBS - the most versatile way to enhance your video and presentations. If you're using OBS, you'll also want to grab the Virtual Camera plugin for Windows or Mac.

  • Ecamm Live - a good Mac-only alternative to OBS. Not as flexible and somewhat pricey (subscription), but a real contender if you want a more Mac-like app.


Not quite full blown app, these utilities can smooth over some of the rougher edges of video conferencing.

  • Meeter is useful menubar utility that grabs all your videoconferences from your calendar and keeps the a click away.

  • Mic Drop is great if you like have a little bit of extra control over when your mic is on.

  • Hand Mirror - great for a quick facecheck before jumping into your meeting.

  • Snap Camera - Snapchat filters for your video call. Use with caution.


If you're up for it, a control pad like the Stream Deck is super handy.

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